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We ultimately aim to make the world we live in a more positive place by pioneering and contributing to the philanthropy and causes we hold close to our heart, from mentoring women in science to sustainability.

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        We’re not waiting for girls and women to be the leaders of tomorrow, they’re leading today. One empowered girl leader at a time.

Melissa Kilby
Chief Executive Officer, Girl Up

Girl Up

We Empower Women.

Girl Up is a non-profit organization founded by the United Nations Foundation whose mission is to achieve gender equality worldwide through leadership development training programs that give girls the resources and platform for social change wherever they are.

“Women in science are very important.” - Sir Fraser Stoddart. In his fifty-year career, Sir Fraser realized early on that scientific collaboration facilitated by diversity across culture, gender, and different ways of thinking paved the way to inventions and innovations that otherwise would not have happened. Surrounded by a family of female PhD scientists, from his wife to his daughters, Sir Fraser believes that teaching and supporting women is a singularly important part of his academic career.

We continue Sir Fraser’s legacy of mentorship by partnering with Girl Up to specifically focus on globally advancing girls’ development through education. Founded in 2010 and hosted by the United Nations Foundation, Girl Up is a girl-centered leadership development initiative focusing on equity for girls and women in spaces where they are unheard of underrepresented. We believe when girls and women are in positions of influence, they work to create a more just and equitable world for everyone.

In partnership with Girl Up we aim to promote and support science education in underserved communities and inspire young women to pursue science to create positive change. Science is dependent on diversity, most notably women, to push it forward with breakthrough innovations.

"Young people today see the world a little differently…It’s about the collective. It’s about how can I help others, how can I help my community."
Melissa Kilby
Chief Executive Officer, Girl Up

Learn more about Girl Up and Noble Panacea’s partnership here

This Holiday Season we will be supporting our philanthropic partner, Girl Up, and their new Mental Health Programming by matching every dollar donated. Click here to make a donation that will help Girl Up provide the community, tools, and training girls need to build confidence, resilience, skills, and a strong sense of self.

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