Introducing: Gina Marí, Facialist Advisor

The celebrity aesthetician creates our exclusive beauty rituals

Gina Mari

Lauded as “The best facialist in L.A.,” according to Allure Magazine, we are proud to partner with Gina Marí as our official Facialist Advisor. Gina Marí’s passion for the intersection of science and technology being the “heart and soul” of her skincare practice makes her a natural fit for our innovative, science-driven philosophy. Her Noble Panacea exclusive beauty rituals teach you to achieve your most luminous, healthy complexion with The Brilliant and The Absolute collections through massage techniques and skincare application tips to enhance efficacy, boost circulation, build radiance, and maximize skin results.

As an expert aesthetician and facialist to celebrities and A-list clientele, Gina Marí acutely understands skincare efficacy—what works and what does not. After her own experience with Noble Panacea products she’s shortlisted a few favorites.

Her go-to in the morning for immediate, visible results is The Brilliant Vibrant Eye Infusion, “My eyes feel completely hydrated and the caffeine really helps with my dark circles and puffiness. I also take a little extra cream on my fingertips and dab it around my mouth for prevention.”

When it comes to advising clients faced with signs of aging, she recommends The Absolute Intense Renewal Serum. “It combines both exfoliating and hydrating properties allowing for deeper product penetration and overall tightening, which is exactly what you should look for to help counter the signs of aging and improve overall skin health,” she explains.

We sit down with Gina Marí to find out more about why she’s excited to partner with us on our pioneering journey in high-performance skincare and Responsible Beauty.

What first drew you to consider becoming our Facialist Advisor?

The groundbreaking Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ Technology, quality active ingredients, combined with the commitment to sustainability and clean beauty convinced me that it was the perfect match—and they’re one of the most exciting advancements in the beauty industry today. Also, their encouragement to think beautifully to be truly beautiful and their partnership with Girl Up is positively inspiring.

What about OSMV™ Technology impressed you the most?

In all of my experience, it’s the first time I come across a skincare line that delivers the level of maximum absorption and potency as Noble Panacea with their OSMV™ Technology. This technology precisely releases active ingredients in a controlled fashion ensuring the benefits of each ingredient is enhanced tenfold. The programmed sequence guarantees that active ingredients are released at the optimal time delivering long-lasting skin benefits.

Gina Mari

What is the most compelling to you about our sustainably designed packaging? Why do you think sustainability is important in beauty today?

My team and my clients equally care about their carbon footprint and making purchasing choices from companies who are committed to improving their environmental impact. The 100% renewable and recyclable packaging; plus, the launch of their progressive Refill program allows customers to feel even better about their choice. Also, the unique Active Daily Dose packaging takes all of the guesswork out of the application, creating less overall waste.

Why are you a proponent of a daily clean beauty ritual? Why do you think every woman should adopt one?

Our skin is our largest organ! We pay close attention to what we put into our bodies but paying attention to what ingredients we put on our bodies is equally as important. It matters not just every day, but over time.

Stay tuned for three exclusive Noble Panacea beauty rituals, coming soon.

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