From rural farm beginnings, Noble Panacea’s journey starts with Sir Fraser Stoddart, a precocious scientist, who learned early on that the key to innovation lies in unleashed creativity and daring to dream. Sir Fraser and his lifetime contribution to chemistry is recognized by many prestigious awards and world leaders including Knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2006, the Albert Einstein World Award of Science in 2007, and becoming a 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. His commitment to benefiting humankind led to the discovery of the Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ Technology, the core of Noble Panacea, created to ultimately empower women to embrace their authentic beauty.

Sir Fraser’s Chemistry Roots
I was captivated by the fact that I could be an Einstein, a Picasso, a Beethoven, and a Dickens, all at one and the same time.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

Sir Fraser Stoddart’s love affair with chemistry began when he realized that creativity lies at the very heart of chemistry and that chemistry is an art. He dedicated his career to venturing off the beaten path, seeking innovation through unleashed imagination, and finding solutions to big problems.

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2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
I was in a state of shock and disbelief when I received the call from Stockholm at 4 am.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

Sir Fraser Stoddart won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his decades of research and lifetime contribution to organic chemistry. Throughout his career, Sir Fraser made many discoveries and inventions, including the Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ Technology, the core of Noble Panacea. The vanguard skincare brand was born out of Sir Fraser’s goal to benefit as many people as possible on a daily basis.

Noble Panacea Is Born
Noble Panacea means a universal cure of high moral excellence. It means to think beautifully.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

Innovation is meant to be shared and we share it by thinking beautifully, our philosophy that informs what we do, how we do it, and how we live. We harness the power of the Organic Super Molecular VesselTM through this philosophy to impact people’s lives for the better.

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Noble Panacea Reveal

On October 22, 2019, Noble Panacea celebrated The Art of Chemistry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with Sir Fraser Stoddart and honored guests highlighting the crossroads of creativity and chemistry.

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Our Patented OSMVTM Technology
The Organic Super Molecular VesselTM increases the efficacy of Noble Panacea’s products up to tenfold*, extending its regenerative and healing properties of active ingredients.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

The OSMVsTM ability to host and protect active ingredients at the molecular level allows for multiple ingredients to be combined without cross-interaction, then can be programmed for a precise, controlled release of ingredients directly into cells where their full potency is unleashed, for superior penetration.

*In-vitro clinical tests
Responsible Beauty
Products should be designed to achieve their desired function while being non-toxic.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

From producing our OSMVTM Technology aligned with the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to selecting the best of active natural ingredients for our formulas to promoting sustainability in eco-friendly packaging and beyond, designing a product that celebrates and empowers beauty should apply not only to humankind but the Earth as well. The center of our product philosophy is elevating naturality through authenticity, transparency, goodwill, and scientifically sound methodology.

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Thinking Beautifully

Neglecting wellbeing is often the root of illness. Our products are designed to lift the spirits emotionally while rejuvenating, preserving, and enhancing the skin’s health and radiance with unparalleled efficacy. Our aim is to empower women to embrace their authentic natural beauty for a pure expression of self—to ultimately feel great in their own skin.

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