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Jodie Comer

Noble Panacea is so forward-thinking. Beauty goes beyond aesthetics and they exemplify this perfectly with the intelligence, integrity, and authenticity behind their products.

Jodie Comer

Brand Ambassador

We proudly introduce Jodie Comer, the Emmy Award-winning actress, to partner with us as our Brand Ambassador.

Our CEO, Céline Talabaza, explains, “Jodie is a dynamic, contemporary inspiration who perfectly matches our disruptive movement in beauty. She dedicates herself to her craft the same way as our Founder, Sir Fraser Stoddart, has to his. Jodie embodies the versatility of authentic beauty, a beauty that extends far beyond the visible.
Her humility, passion, and grace are the essence of the Noble Panacea woman.”

“An overwhelming amount of science and research goes into the brand. They are innovative and stand by their values and convictions,” states Jodie Comer. Truly modern, Jodie represents women who demand both performance and integrity from their skincare.

Our unique formulas are meticulously crafted upon decades of scientific excellence, collaboration, and a spirit of goodwill to deliver unparalleled results so that women can feel great in their skin, inside and out.

Two Premium Collections

Discover youthful, healthy skin with two anti-aging collections. The Brilliant collection to preserve and protect your skin for glowing radiance and The Absolute collection’s cellular regenerating and rejuvenating power for renewed luminosity.

Meticulously crafted.
Precisely packaged.
Purely powerful.

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