Green Chemistry & Production

Eliminating Chemical Waste
Preventing waste is better than treating or cleaning up waste after it’s created.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

Organic Super Molecular Vessel™ production is non-toxic and sustainable, involving the crystallization of carbohydrate and fatty acids. It’s a closed-loop, renewable process that creates no waste.

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Eco-Friendly Processes
Energy requirements should be minimized and no pollutants required in the production process.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

We use green and biodegradable processes via extraction technology that is respectful of the environment as well as reuse and re-purify water in our OSMVTM production. Our OSMVsTM are biodegradable, renewable, and edible. Ultimately, we believe in responsible science for responsible beauty.

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Sustainable Packaging
To deal with phenomena such as climate change is to confront it head on with solutions that have a sound scientific basis.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

From our laboratory to you, we hold social and environmental responsibility to the highest regard every step of the way. Our carefully crafted formulas are packaged and shipped in eco-friendly renewable, recyclable, and certified sustainable materials.

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Sustainably-Sourced Ingredients
The active ingredients that we add to the OSMVsTM are green. We choose those that are sustainable whenever possible so that the formula is environmentally friendly.
Sir Fraser Stoddart

The manner in which our raw materials are created, grown, and harvested is just as important as their quality. We seek sustainable sources for most of our ingredients, from non-GMO to cruelty-free. We strive to exclude undesirable ingredients in beauty and skincare whenever possible. Respecting the environment and protecting ecosystems is central to our empowering authentic natural beauty philosophy.

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