Commitment to skincare has become a must for many women during the pandemic. Are you staying diligent when it comes to your skincare routine these days?

I actually think I am more diligent these days in terms of skincare. Honestly, the thought of doing a full face of makeup terrifies me and I found that with the lockdown and being at home more, there are days when I can make a real habit of actually “doing” things. I used to put on my activewear even though I was never intending to exercise, but now I actually do it. Even with simple things—such as making sure I’m taking care of my skin, whether it’s cleansing or doing a face massage—these are the kind of things I have actually managed to hone in on. Also, now I have a partnership with Noble Panacea it’s made it more worthwhile. The beautiful thing about their products is that they’re super simple, there’s a minimal four-step routine—or I can pick and choose.

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