NOBLE PANACEA is a clever brand that urges us to “think beautifully.” This new science-based beauty brand began its journey with the discovery of the proprietary Organic Molecular Vessel. This breakthrough was spearheaded by Nobel Prize Winner (2016) Sir Fraser Stoddart. It was three years after that the label was finally launched, offering the beauty industry a new way to enhancing potency of natural, active ingredients. Science, nature and magic meet at the crossroads of every NOBLE PANACEA vessel that “preserves ingredients at the molecular level for freshness.” Once these exacting doses are finally applied on skin, uncompromised purity of every ingredient work at optimum potency level. The Brilliant Overnight Recharge Cream redefines our notion of beauty sleep. Active ingredients work three ways for skin that awakes fresh the following morning. It first detoxifies from daily aggressors and pollutants. Working with the body’s natural cellular regeneration at night, it also replenishes and repairs while we are asleep. This is the when our cells are most receptive to healing and regeneration. Finally, the cream deeply hydrates and boosts collagen production so that even with less than eight hours of slumber, skin is visibly rejuvenated.

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