Over the last few years, we've also seen new brands prioritize sustainability from the start by adopting the refillable model for all of their products. Such was the case with buzzy science brand Noble Panacea. The brand's skincare offerings come in tiny one-dose sachets made out of 100 percent recyclable material and are housed in a futuristic refillable coffret made of renewable starch-based materials. "Our skincare products and formulations provide unparalleled efficacy due to the vanguard scientific technology, the Organic Molecular Vessel, which protects, preserves, delivers, and releases active ingredients at an optimized rate,” CEO Celine Talabaza says. "The Active Daily Dose packaging is more than a single-use sachet. It preserves the purity and the integrity of the extremely sophisticated formula until the moment of application when the full potency of each active ingredient is unleashed into the skin at the optimal moment in the most effective sequence."

While 30 single-serve sachets might seem more wasteful than one single-use bottle, the brand estimates a 50ml serum bottle is actually creating 14 to 15 times more waste than the single-dose packets, which are also fully recyclable via a partnership with Terracycle. "As part of our Responsible Beauty value, we strive to make the integration of sustainable beauty rituals effortless for the consumer," Talabaza says. "Together with TerraCycle, we are streamlining the recycling process, making it easier for consumers across the country to partake in the recycling process. Every order purchased now comes with a prepaid TerraCycle envelope. The consumer simply fills up the envelope with empty Active Daily Doses and drops it off at the nearest FedEx location. By simplifying the process, we hope to encourage our consumers to recycle their doses responsibly yet with minimal effort.

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